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"Sweeter than Roses". Songs

Drew Minter, P. O'Dette, M. Meyerson, M. Springfels
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    “Strongly recommended.” - Gramophone

    “With his winning personality, assured technique and a vibrant, warm instrument, Drew Minter may yet be the first superstar countertenor.” - Pulse!

    “Fans of early music are likely to know Minter's unusually pure and flexible voice, and his delivery that is both virtuosic in its ornamentation and somehow stately.” - Fanfare

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    • Drew Minter
    • Mitzi Meyerson
    • Mary Springfels
    • Erzlaute



    HENRY PURCELL [1659-1695]
    · O Solitude (Z. 406) (4'41)
    · 'tis nature's voice (Z. 328/4)/Hail, bright Cecilia (3'44)
    · Celia has a thousand charms/The rival sisters, or the violence of love (Z. 609) (2'08)
    · I attempt from love's sickness to fly / the indian queen (Z. 630/17h) (1'52)
    · If musick be the food of love (Z. 379C) (3'39)
    · Not all my torments (Z. 400) (2'16)
    · Sweeter than roses/Pausanias, the betrayer of his country (Z. 585) (3'20)
    · From silent shades (Mad Bess) (Z. 370) (3'57)
    · Musick for a while / Oedipus (Z. 583) (3'37)
    · Crown the alter (Z. 321/7)/Celebrate the festival (3'07)
    · Lord, what a man (Z. 192) (5'24)
    · Sleep, Adam, sleep (Z. 195) (1'45)
    · Now that the sun hath veil'd his light; an evening hymn (Z. 193) (3'45)
    · The fatal hour comes on apace (Z. 421) (3'22)
    · Here the deities approve/Welcome to all the pleasures (Z. 339) (4'10)
    · Be welcome then, great sir (Z. 324/11a)/Fly, bold rebellion (3'31)
    · Thrice happy lovers/the Fairy Queen (Z. 629) (2'36)
    · Hark! The echoing air/the Fairy Queen (2'21)
    · Hark! How all things/the Fairy Queen (1'55)

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