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"The Rags of Time". Englische Lauten-Songs und Tänze aus dem 17. Jh.

Paul Hillier, Nigel North
1 CD
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    Voice and lute were inseparable partners throughout at least two centuries of English music making. On this recording Paul Hillier and Nigel North present some of the most eloquent songs in the English language by the 17th-century lutenist/singer-songwriters who both composed and performed their own music. The poetry of John Donne is prominently featured, vividly sung and read by Paul Hillier.

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    Poems by John Donne (1572-1631)
    · Sweetest love I do not goe (3'40)
    · Spoken: The Sunne Rising (2'55)
    · Sweet stay a while (1'48)
    · Break of day (2'50)
    · Spoken: The good-morrow (1'47)
    · Wherefore peep'st thou (1'50)
    · Lute solo: John come kiss me now (4'48)
    · Goe and catch a fallinge star (1'49)
    · Spoken: The Flea (2'12)
    · The Expiration (2'35)
    · Spoken: The Apparition (1'22)
    · Lute solo: The Noble man (2'13)
    · Wilt thou forgive that sinne (2'20)
    · Lute solo: Pavan (5'57)
    · Spoken: The triple Foole (1'26)
    From Henry Lawes' Select Ayres & Dialogues (1669)
    · Loves Sweet Repose (3'44)
    · Love's Flattery (1'07)
    · Guitar solo: Chaconne in D (2'35)
    · Gather ye rosebuds while ye may (1'46)
    · The Rose (1'54)
    · Theorbo solo: Prelude in A minor (2'31)
    · The Selfe Banished (2'46)
    · Theorbo solo: Prelude in F (2'06)
    · Peace, mutt'ring thoughts (2'38)
    · Theorbo solo: Prelude in B flat (1'30)
    · Have you e'er seen the morning sun (2'31)

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