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"Vespro solenne" für die Geburt von Ludwig XIV.

Cantus Cölln, Konrad Junghänel
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    In celebration of the birth of Louis XIV.
    In 1638, the French ambassador to Venice commissioned "the most solemn and refined music imaginable" to celebrate with pomp and circumstance the birth of an heir to the throne of France - who was none other than the future Sun King. "Of all the musicians who are to be found in Venice, it is Giovanni Rovetta (Sign. Rueti) who was chosen as composer and maestro di cappella; he was expressly instructed to assemble all the singers and instrumentalists of the city in order to fulfil His Excellency's grandiose scheme." Thus it was that the right-hand man of maestro Monteverdi (soon to be his successor) took pains to deploy the full expressive range of the Baroque concerto to illuminate the church of San Giorgio and the ambassador's palace with dazzling music. A sumptuous festival!
    This title was released for the first time in 2001.

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    • Cantus Cölln
    • Konrad Junghänel


    • Giovanni Rovetta
    • Giovanni Battista Buonamente


    GIOVANNI ROVETTA [1595-1668] · Dixit secondo a 7 e due violini (8'05) · Dominus illuminatio mea a 2 (4'00) · Confitebor tibi Domine a 7 e due violini (8'20) GIOVANNI BATTISTA BUONAMENTE · Sonata Quinta a 2 (4'58) GIOVANNI ROVETTA [1595-1668] · Beatus vir a 8 (8'11) · Jubilate Deo a 2 (4'05) · Laudate pueri a 6 et due violini (8'41) GIOVANNI BATTISTA BUONAMENTE · Sonata prima a 4 (6'28) GIOVANNI ROVETTA [1595-1668] · Lauda Jerusalem a 6 et due violini (11'53) · Domine in virtute tua a 3 (3'58) · Magnificat a 8 et due violini (10'04)

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