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Poème. Sonaten & Fantasien für Solovioline oder Violine und Klavier

Marc Bouchkov, Georgiy Dubko
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    This programme is the result of a passion for the violin, its ardent, vigorous song, its radiance tinged with gentle melancholy. Those are the qualities that Marc Bouchkov found in it from his earliest years before giving his first public concert at the age of six. Then came long years of study that culminated in several prestigious international prizes. He is an award-winner of the Juventus Foundation and has already appeared in concert with major European orchestras. His equally brilliant partner Georgiy Dubko is well established in an international solo and chamber career.
    The harmonia#nova series is conceived to offer young artists singled out for their exceptional talents a technical, editorial and promotional showcase that lives up to the high standards of harmonia mundi’s classical productions. While those standards remain identical across a very wide range of repertories, the recording philosophy governing this series is rather different, since it is produced above all by the musicians themselves. Welcome!

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    • Marc Bouchkov
    • Georgiy Dubko



    EUGÈNE YSAŸE [1858-1931] Fantaisie, Op.32 Réduction pour violon et piano · I. Molto moderato (10'02) · II. Interlude - Poco lento ma non troppo (5'44) · Violin Sonata No.6 in E Major, Op.27 I. Allegro giusto vivo non troppo (7'33) ERNEST CHAUSSON [1855-1899] · Poème, Op.25 Arrangement pour violon et piano I. Lento e misterioso (15'52) EUGÈNE YSAŸE Violin Sonata No.5 in G Major, Op.27 I. L'Aurore - Lento assai (4'01) · II. Danse rustique - Allegro giocoso molto moderato (5'23) · Légende norvégienne (12'15) · Si vous saviez (3'23) MARC BOUCHKOV [1991-] · Fantaisie for solo violin (9'31)

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