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Mass for four choirs & An Italian travel diary (Cavalli, Merula, Beretta, Cazzati, etc.)

Ensemble Correspondances, Sébastien Daucé
1 CD
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An Italian travel diary
Paris, 1665: a young composer leaves the Saint-Michel district to embark on a journey to Rome. The journey promises to be a long one, its stopovers rich in encounters for Charpentier . . . On this CD, Sébastien Daucé invites us on an imaginary recreation of that voyage of initiation, from Cremona (Merula) to Rome (Beretta), by way of Venice (Cavalli) and Bologna (Cazzati). A journey in space, but also in time, through the sources of inspiration of a composer whose future works were to recall the colours of Italy – as the magnificent Mass for four choirs testifies.

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Diapason d'or



  • Maurizio Cazzati
  • Francesco Cavalli
  • Tarquinio Merula
  • Francesco Beretta
  • Giuseppe Giamberti
  • Orazio Benevoli


MARC-ANTOINE CHARPENTIER [1643-1704] · Paris Sub tuum praesidium H.28 Antiphona sine Organo ad Virginem (2'18) MAURIZIO CAZZATI [1616-1678] · Bologna Salve caput sacrosanctum Motetti a otto voci, con il suo Basso continuo, op.52. Bologna, 1669 (2'54) FRANCESCO CAVALLI [1602-1676] · Venezia Sonata a 12 in D minor / ré mineur (3'50) · Magnificat Messa, e Salmi concertati con istromenti, imni, antifone & sonate, a due 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 e 12 voci, 1656 (16'27) TARQUINIO MERULA [1594/95-1665] · Cremona Credidi propter quod (Concertato senza intonatione, Basso & doi Violini) Il terzo libro delli salmi et messa concertati a tre et a quatro con Istromenti & senza - Salmi et messa concertati, op. 18. Venezia, 1652 (4'10) FRANCESCO BERETTA [ca.1640-ca.1694] Roma Missa Mirabiles elationes maris · Kyrie I (1'59) · Christe (3'00) · Kyrie II (2'15) GIUSEPPE GIAMBERTI [ca.1600-ca.1663] · Similabo eum viro sapienti (2'31) FRANCESCO BERETTA [ca.1640-ca.1694] · Missa Mirabiles elationes maris Et incarnatus est (1'46) ORAZIO BENEVOLI [1605-1672] · Missa Si Deus pro nobis Crucifixus (1'47) MARC-ANTOINE CHARPENTIER [1643-1704] Missa Mirabiles elationes maris · Sanctus (2'48) · Agnus Dei (1'48) · Paris Messe pour les trépassés H. 2 Symphonie du Kyrie (1'30) Messe à 4 choeurs H. 4 · Kyrie I (2'38) · Christe (2'13) · Kyrie II (2'38) · Gloria (5'45) · Credo (9'48) · Sanctus (3'05) · Agnus Dei (2'43) · Domine salvum fac regem H.285 (1'34)


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