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Concerti grossi after Corelli

Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin
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    It was as a virtuoso oboist that the Italian Giovanni Benedetto Platti entered the service of the Prince-Bishop of Würzburg, who had a pronounced taste for musical exoticism. But he soon revealed his gifts as a composer, notably in the works he wrote for his patron’s brother Rudolf Franz Erwein, an enthusiastic amateur cellist. His concerti grossi derived from chamber works by Corelli show him to be a worthy heir to the great Roman master of the genre.
    This title was released for the first time in 2008.

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    • Giovanni Benedetto Platti


    Concerto grosso no.10 in F major / Fa majeur / F-dur
    after Corelli's Sonatas op.5, Kat.-Nr.544

    · I. Preludio (2'24)
    · II. Allegro (2'12)
    · III. Sarabanda (2'30)
    · IV. Gavotta (0'29)
    · V. Giga (2'00)
    Concerto con violoncello obligato (VIII)
    in D major / Ré majeur / D-dur

    · I. Allegro (3'27)
    · II. Adagio (3'37)
    · III. Allegro (4'22)
    Concerto grosso no.4
    in F major / Fa majeur / F-dur
    after Corelli, Kat.-Nr.540

    · I. Adagio (1'45)
    · II. Allegro (2'15)
    · III. Vivace (1'02)
    · IV. Adagio (2'24)
    · V. Gavotta (2'21)
    Concerto “per Oboé”
    in G minor / sol mineur / g-moll

    · I. Allegro (3'29)
    · II. Largo (4'34)
    · III. Allegro (3'22)
    Concerto grosso no.5
    in G minor / sol mineur / g-moll
    after Corelli, Kat.-Nr.541

    · I. Adagio (2'53)
    · II. Vivace (1'50)
    · III. Adagio (2'28)
    · IV. Vivace (1'29)
    · V. Allegro (1'40)

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