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"Le violoncelle parle". Works for solo cello by Cassadó, Britten, Amoyel, Kodály

Emmanuelle Bertrand
1 CD + DVD
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    Through these selected masterpieces of the repertoire for solo cello, Emmanuelle Bertrand invites us on a journey to the heart of languages of popular inspiration. When music takes over the idioms characteristic of each culture, pushing back the limits of instrumental technique, reshaping and dismantling the rules the better to express a specific identity, then the cello truly ‘speaks’ and takes us beyond frontiers, where the souls of a people take root.

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    BENJAMIN BRITTEN [1913-1976]
    Suite for solo violoncello no.3 op.87 (1971) in C minor / ut mineur / e-moll
    · I. Introduzione. Lento (2'15)
    · II. Marcia. Allegro (1'44)
    · III. Canto. Con moto (1'20)
    · IV. Barcarola. Lento (1'19)
    · V. Dialogo. Allegretto (1'27)
    · VI. Fuga. Andante espressivo (2'48)
    · VII. Recitativo. Fantastico (1'27)
    · VIII. Moto perpetuo. Presto (0'55)
    · IX. Passacaglia. Lento solenne (8'32)
    Suite for solo violoncello (1926)
    · I. Preludio-Fantasia. Andante (6'06)
    · II. Sardana (Danza). Allegro giusto (4'09)
    · III. Intermezzo e danza finale. Lento ma non troppo (5'23)
    · Itinérance (2003). Lento. Prégnant, du fond des âges (10'35)
    ZOLTÁN KODÁLY [1882-1967]
    Sonata for solo violoncello op.8 (1915)
    · I. Allegro maestoso ma appassionato (9'13)
    · II. Adagio (12'50)
    · III. Allegro molto vivace (11'46)

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