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Overtures & Trio Sonatas

London Baroque
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    The last Opus of the great Corelli françois.
    'After having Examined and listened several times to this Work, I thought that
    the Public would not disapprove of the choice I have made of my sonatas to
    turn into Trios. I have preferred those which have seemed most at for this
    genre and whose effect would be most agreeable.'
    Brilliant transcriptions of his formidable sonatas for solo violin and of
    opera overtures arraned for trio, the six pieces of Leclair's Oeuvre XIII
    were regarded as a major artistic event. on their appearance in 1753 the
    highly respectable Mercure de France was unstinting in its praises of the
    new works by the most celebrated Artist France has ever had in purely
    instrumental Music.

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    • London Baroque
      Chamber ensemble
    • Charles Medlam
    • Irmgard Schaller
    • Richard Gwilt
    • Terence Charlston


    JEAN-MARIE LECLAIR [1697-1764]
    Ouverture I en Sol majeur G major / G-dur
    · Grave. Stacato (1'12)
    · Allegro (3'28)
    · Andante. Dolce (2'05)
    · Minuetto. Non troppo allegro - Altro. Dolce (4'12)
    Sonate I en Ré majeur D major / D-dur
    · Adagio (2'05)
    · Allegro (2'07)
    · Sarabande. Largo (3'02)
    · Allegro assai (2'43)
    Ouverture II en Ré majeur D major / D-dur
    · Grave. Stacato (1'30)
    · Allegro (3'44)
    · Andante. Dolce (3'58)
    · Allegro (2'06)
    Sonate II en si mineur B minor / h-moll
    · Largo (2'39)
    · Allegro ma non tropo (2'47)
    · Largo (1'52)
    · Allegro ma non tropo (2'29)
    Ouverture III en La majeur A major / A-dur
    · Grave. Stacato (1'45)
    · Allegro (2'15)
    · Largo (2'38)
    · Allegro assai (3'12)
    Sonate III en sol mineur G minor / g-moll
    · Adagio (2'26)
    · Allegro ma non tropo (2'59)
    · Aria. Gratioso - Altro (5'31)
    · Allegro (3'29)

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