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Piano Concerto No.1. Ballads op.10

Paul Lewis, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Daniel Harding
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    A renewal of forms.
    Too innovative for its time, Brahms’s Piano Concerto no.1, premiered in Hanover in 1859, needed a few years to become established in the repertory. It is a work that redefines the norms of the genre. The traditional confrontation between virtuoso soloist and orchestra is bypassed in favour of a balanced treatment and a more ‘symphonic’ approach. The Ballades op.10 too derive from the impetus towards a renewal of forms characteristic of the young Brahms’s output.

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    JOHANNES BRAHMS [1833-1897] Piano concerto no.1 op.15 in D minor · I. Maestoso-Poco piu moderato (23'22) · II. Adagio (13'25) · III. Rondo. Allegro ma non troppo (12'32) Ballads op.10 · Andante (D minor) (4'21) · Andante (D major) (6'10) · Intermezzo- Allegro (B minor) (4'00) · Andante con moto (B major) (8'09)


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