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Piano Trio op.15 / Elegies, Tristia, La lubugre gondola

Trio Wanderer
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This resolutely elegiac disc offers an opportunity to discover, through their chamber music, the dark side of two composers who are not often associated. Smetana’s primary purpose was to give utterance to a cry of pain at his daughter’s death through the appropriate medium of the piano trio. In the Liszt pieces, elegies and funeral gondolas remind us of the deeply human and tormented nature of a composer haunted by death and who, more than any other, was capable of expressing its icy smile. The Trio Wanderer realise all this in deeply moving performances.

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FRANZ LISZT [1811-1886]
· Tristia, transcription of La Vallée d'Obermann for violin, violoncello and piano. Lento assai (16'00)
· Die Zelle in Nonnenwerth for violin and piano S.382 (c.1883).
Andantino [transcription of the eponymous melody] (5'00)
· Romance oubliée for violin and piano S.132 (1880). Andante, malinconico (3'00)
Trio for piano, violin and violoncello op.15 in G minor / sol mineur / g-moll
· I. Moderato assai (11'00)
· II. Allegro ma non agitato (7'00)
· III. Finale. Presto (8'00)
FRANZ LISZT [1811-1886]
· Elegie no.1 for violoncello and piano S.130 (1874). Andante (5'00)
· Elegie no.2 for violin and piano S.131 (1877). Quasi Andante (4'00)
· La Lugubre Gondole ["Elegie no.3"] for violoncello and piano S.134 (1882-85). Andante mesto, non troppo lento (9'00)

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