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Sonate a tre 'La Follia'. Sonate a due violini

Ensemble 415, Chiara Banchini
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    Among various instrumental works composed by Vivaldi, there are twenty-seven trio sonatas, most of them written for two violins - either with or without continuo. Twelve of these sonatas were published in 1705 by the Venetian music publisher, Giuseppe Sala in a collection entitled Suonate da Camera a Tre, due Violini, e Violone o Cembalo. This Opus 1 collection contains the earliest known sonatas by Vivaldi. As indicated on the title-page of the collection, they could be played by two violins and violoncello (originally a violone) or by two violins and harpsichord.

    This title was released for the first time in 1991.

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    • Ensemble 415
    • Chiara Banchini
    • Véronique Méjean
    • Käthi Gohl
    • Jesper Christensen


    ANTONIO VIVALDI [1678-1741]
    · Suonate da Camera, a tre, due violini e violone o cembalo, op.1
    (Venezia, 1705)

    Sonata op.1 n°12 RV 63 "La Follia"
    en ré mineur / D minor / d-moll (11'18)
    Sonata op.1 n°8 RV 64
    en ré mineur / D minor / d-moll

    · Preludio, largo (5'22)
    · Corrente, allegro (1'59)
    · Grave (2'02)
    · Giga, allegro (2'12)
    4 Suonate a 2 violini, da camera
    da suonarsi anco senza il basso

    Sonata RV 68 en Fa majeur
    F major / F-dur

    · Allegro (3'52)
    · Larghetto (2'03)
    · Allegro molto (3'28)
    Sonata RV 71 en Sol majeur
    G major / G-dur

    · Allegro (4'09)
    · Larghetto (3'38)
    · Allegro (3'57)
    Sonata RV 77 en Si bémol majeur
    B flat major / B-dur

    · Allegro (4'59)
    · Andante (5'26)
    · Allegro (3'18)
    Sonata RV 70 en Fa majeur
    F major / F-dur

    · Allegro (2'59)
    · Andante (4'23)
    · Allegro (3'52)

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