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"A Fancy": eine Fantasie über englische Melodien

Le Caravansérail, Bertrand Cuiller, Rachel Redmond
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    In their first recording for harmonia mundi, Bertrand Cuiller and the musicians of Le Caravansérail immerse us in the dreamlike world of the London theatre of the 17th century. Incidental music, airs, dances and inventive melodies combining the English tradition and French and Italian innovations are the ingredients that make up the five imaginary tableaux of this reconstruction of the period, illuminated by the voice of a distinguished ‘guest star’, the soprano Rachel Redmond.

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    Part I MATTHEW LOCKE [1621-1677] · Curtain Tune (3'39) HENRY PURCELL [1659-1695] · Ouverture The Virtuous Wife (2'44) GIOVANNI BATTISTA DRAGHI [c.1640-1708] · Where are thou, God of Dreams!Romulus and Hersilia (2'46) HENRY PURCELL · Hornpipe The Fairy Queen (0'54)·Part II GIOVANNI BATTISTA DRAGHI · Must I ever sigh in vain? (1'26) HENRY PURCELL · I see, she flies meAureng-Zebe (1'48) MATTHEW LOCKE · Lilk (0'46) HENRY PURCELL · Second Music The Virtuous Wife (3'15) ·  O Solitude! (5'09)Part III HENRY PURCELL · First Act Tune The Virtuous Wife (1'05) · Twas within a furlong of Edinboro' townThe Mock Marriage (2'28) SAMUEL AKEYRODE [fl.1684-1706] · From drinking of Sack by the Pottle (1'16) ANONYMOUS · First Music (0'49) · Saraband (2'26) · Second Music (0'56) LOUIS GRABU [fl.1665-1694] · O Jealousy ! Albion and Albanus (3'49)Part IV HENRY PURCELL · Curtain Tune Timon of Athens (4'21) · Ah me! To many deaths decreedRegulus (2'48) JOHN BLOW [1649-1708] · A Ground Venus and Adonis (1'58) MATTHEW LOCKE CHRISTOPHER GIBBONS [1615-1676] · Fly, my childrenCupid and Death (4'05)Part V MATTHEW LOCKE · Canon a 4 in 2 The Tempest (1'37) HENRY PURCELL · See, even Night herself is hereThe Fairy Queen (4'25) · Symphony King Arthur (1'56) MATTHEW LOCKE · The Descending of VenusPsyche (3'32) JAMES HART [1647-1718] · Adieu to the Pleasures and FolliesThe Tempest (5'51)

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