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Crystal Tears: Dowland und seine Zeitgenossen

Andreas Scholl, Concerto di Viole, Julian Behr
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    There are few pleasures more delightful than musical melancholy, especially when it flows from the pen of the finest Elizabethan poets and a composer whose name will be forever associated with that emotion: John Dowland. His lute songs and consort songs form the backbone of Andreas Scholl’s latest recital. The countertenor has gathered his favourite partners around him in the service of this sublime vocal art, elegantly distilling its fragile instants of grace. The songs are adroitly interspersed with instrumental pieces by Dowland’s contemporaries. Bonus DVD: a performance of the Song ‘Venus’ birds’ and a ‘beyond the microphones’ documentary on the making of this recording.

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    JOHN DOWLAND [1562/1563-1626]
    · Go crystal tears (6'29)
    JOHN WARD [1571-1638]
    · Fantasia no.4 (3'30)
    JOHN DOWLAND [1562/1563-1626]
    · Now, O now, I needs must part (4'32)
    · Go nightly cares (4'02)
    JOHN WARD [1571-1638]
    · Fantasia no.3 (2'55)
    JOHN DOWLAND [1562/1563-1626]
    · Sorrow, come! (3'59)
    · Semper Dowland semper dolens (3'31)
    · The Lady Rich her galliard (2'03)
    ROBERT JOHNSON [1583-1633]
    · Have you seen the bright lily grow? (2'51)
    WILLIAM BYRD [1543-1623]
    · Though Amaryllis dance in green (3'43)
    JOHN BENET [XVe s.-]
    · Venus' birds whose mournful tunes (3'35)
    ROBERT JOHNSON [1583-1633]
    · Full fathom five (2'10)
    · Care-charming sleep (3'38)
    PATRICK MANDO [c.1600-]
    · Like as the day (4'03)
    JOHN DOWLAND [1562/1563-1626]
    · A Fancy (3'29)
    · Time stands still (4'39)
    ALFONSO FERRABOSCO II [c. 1578-1628]
    · Four-note pavan (4'49)
    JOHN DOWLAND [1562/1563-1626]
    · From silent night (4'06)
    · O Death, rock me asleep (2'57)
    · Fantasia no.13 (3'18)
    JOHN DOWLAND [1562/1563-1626]
    · Come, heavy sleep (5'02)

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