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"The Mad Lover". Engliche Sonaten, Suiten, Grounds, Fantasien und verschiedene "bizzarie" aus dem 17. Jh.

Théotime Langlois de Swarte, Thomas Dunford
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Exalted melancholy
A violin and a lute: with this choice line-up, our pair of instrumentalists – and frequent partners on the current Baroque music scene – illuminates some aspects of an elusive amalgam that constitutes the 17th-century English notion of melancholy. The inconsolable ‘Mad Lover’ of the album title is reimagined by Théotime Langlois de Swarte and Thomas Dunford as a character from the reign of Charles II: a tale told through music from the pen of such violin virtuosos as the prodigiously gifted Nicola Matteis. Heightened by the exuberance and abandon common to those musicians transplanted from Italy, the beguiling nuances of this language of yearning and loss continue to echo in the popular music of our time.

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  • John Eccles
  • Daniel Purcell
  • Nicola Matteis
  • Nicola Matteis Jr
  • Henry Eccles


JOHN ECCLES [1668-1735] · Ground from The Mad Lover Suite (Aire V) (3'41) DANIEL PURCELL [-1717] Sonata sesta for violino solo · I. Adagio (1'57) · II. Allegro (0'59) · III. Adagio (2'22) · VI. Allegro (1'08)· Improvisation for solo lute (5'34) NICOLA MATTEIS · Variations on La Folia (Division on a Ground) (5'15) NICOLA MATTEIS JR [lates 1670s-1737] · Fantasia in A minor / en la mineur (4'05) NICOLA MATTEIS · Sarabanda amorosa, Suite in A minor / en la mineur (2'28) · Diverse bizzarie sopra la vecchia sarabanda o pur Ciaccona (5'08) HENRY PURCELL [1659-1695] · Prelude in G minor / en sol mineur (1'44) HENRY ECCLES [ca.1680-ca.1740] Sonata undecima in G minor / en Sol mineur · I. Grave (3'19) · II. Corrente (1'41) · III. Adagio (2'08) · IV. Vivace (1'03) NICOLA MATTEIS Suite in G major / en sol majeur · I. Preludio (1'27) · II. Musica/Grave (1'54) · III. Sarabanda (3'57) · IV. Aria Burlesca (2'21) · V. Capriccio (1'51) · VI. Giga Al Genio Turchesco (0'48) HENRY ECCLES [ca.1680-ca.1740] Sonata quinta in E minor / en mi mineur · I. Andante (3'29) · II. Corrente (2'14) · III. Largo (5'31) · IV. Presto(2'25) NICOLA MATTEIS JR [lates 1670s-1737] · Fantasia in C minor / en do mineur 'con discretione (4'47) HENRY ECCLES [ca.1680-ca.1740] · A new division upon the ground bass of John come and kiss me (4'51) JOHN ECCLES [1668-1735] · Ground from The Mad Lover Suite (Aire III) (2'01)


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