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harmonia mundi releases in the new Dolby Atmos format

Continuing the quest that has been going on for more than a century to achieve more and more immersive audio experiences, the "multichannel" process is a recording technique using several separate tracks that are played back on X number of speakers placed around or even above the listener. Long reserved for a home-theatre setting, multichannel audio is now available on streaming platforms, as is the Dolby Atmos technology, aiming to place you at the center of a three-dimensional space. At harmonia mundi, we have chosen to present most of our new releases in this new format as it continues to evolve, while we systematically bring online stereo offerings of the highest quality. This allows you to discover new releases created in native Dolby Atmos format, but also to rediscover older recordings in a new light. Here is the complete list to date.

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