Pianofortes & pianos historiques

Fortepianos and other historical keyboard instruments

While the grand piano we all know today can be said to have reached this form at the end of the 19th century (even if it continues to evolve to a much smaller extent), the instrument represents a synthesis based on a multitude of predecessors. But it is precisely these antecedents that have come to interest today’s performers and audiences more and more: long gone is the time when fortepianos dating from the Age of Enlightenment were considered dreadful “clunkers.” Today, immensely gifted musicians and brilliant builder-restorers allow us to hear the keyboard music of Mozart (Kristian Bezuidenhout), Beethoven, Schumann (Andreas Staier), Chopin (Alain Planès), and Liszt (Alexander Melnikov) on period instruments capable of a rare expressiveness. Another arena in which harmonia mundi is a leader!

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